Distracted Driving Laws in Canada

Distracted driving is a national issue. As a result, all 10 provinces in Canada have some form of cell phone/distracted driving legislation in place. Below is a synopsis of Hand-Held Cell Phone Legislation in Canada.

Hand-Held Cell Phone Legislation in Canada

ProvinceFineDemeritsInto Effect
British Columbia*$543** first offense
$888*** second offense
4June 1, 2016
Alberta$2873January 1, 2016
Saskatchewan$2804June 2014
Manitoba $200 5 July 2015
Ontario*$490-$1000 3 September 1, 2015
Quebec $80 - $100 4 April 2015
Newfoundland and Labrador$100 - $4004April 2003
Prince Edward Island $500 - $1200 5 Summer 2015
Nova Scotia$233.95 first offence
$348.95 second offence
$578.95 subsequent offences
4February 2015
New Brunswick$172.503June 2011
Yukon$2503April 2011
Northwest Territories$322-644 ****3May 2016
NunavutNothing at this time
*In addition to banning hand-held communication devices, British Columbia and Ontario also ban the use of hand-held electronic entertainment devices while driving.
**B.C.'s base fine is $368 plus $175 for ICBC's driver penalty point premiums
***A second offense within 12 months has a base fine of $368 plus $520 for ICBC's driver penalty point premiums. Repeat offenders will also have their driving record subject to automatic review, which could result in a 3-12 month driving prohibition.
****The fine increases to $644 for distracted driving in school and construction zones.
  • British Columbia and Saskatchewan prohibit GDL drivers from using both hand-held and hands-free devices.
  • No Canadian jurisdiction bans ALL drivers from using hands-free cell phones while driving.

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