Urban & Rural Hazards

Drivers must recognize and be aware that there are numerous hazards present in both urban and rural driving environments. With all the potential hazards on the road, is being distracted or inattentive worth the risk? Being distracted or inattentive impacts your ability to recognize, react and avoid the various hazards on the road. Keep these potential hazards in mind while you drive.

Urban Hazards

  • heavy traffic
  • unpredictable pedestrians (kids)
  • lights and signs (too many, poorly positioned/missing, timed)
  • road construction, potholes
  • poor weather affecting visibility/traction
  • sun glare, dusk and darkness, shadows
  • pets
  • railway crossings
  • alleys (ruts)
  • change in speed
  • poor road design
  • parking lots

Rural Hazards

  • wildlife, livestock and pets
  • suddenly changing road conditions
  • obstructions
  • farm equipment
  • railway crossings
  • bikes, quads or snowmobiles
  • signs (poorly positioned/missing)
  • road construction
  • loose gravel, dust, washboard, mud, snow ice, wet pavement
  • wind, blowing snow, dust, fog, smoke, rain
  • extreme winter weather affecting personal safety in the event of a breakdown or collision
  • sun glare, dusk and darkness/shadows

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